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Little Tails on The Farm by Frédéric Brrémaud, Federico Bertolucci

201801Jan09-LTOTFFB.jpgLittle Tails on The Farm by Frédéric Brrémaud, Federico Bertolucci
Release: January 16th 2018
Format: PDF
Publisher: Lion Forge Comics
Source: NetGalley


Little Tails is a series of young readers graphic novels created by Eisner Award–nominated illustrator Federico Bertolucci and writer Frédéric Brrémaud, creators of the world-famous, multi-award winning Love series of silent, wildlife graphic novels.
In each volume of Little Tails, Chipper and Squizzo set out on a fun, educational journey to a different location, encountering the real-world animals found there in beautiful illustration and fun cartoon strip antics. In this new volume, they visit a nearby farm and meet a wide variety of new and interesting domestic and wild animals!

Chipper and Squizzo set out on a hunt for some fresh milk for their breakfast, taking the adventurous duo across the fields of a nearby farm, where they meet horses, pigs, goats, bulls, and more!


A BIG Thank You to Netgalley and Diamond Book Distributors for providing me a copy of “Little Tails on the farm” by illustrator Federico Bertolucci and writer Frédéric Brrémaudin in exchange for my honest review.

Even though I am not a fan of children’s books, once in a while I pick one up purely for the illustrations. I am a part time illustrator and reading such books inspires me to draw as well. “Little Tails on the Farm” did not disappoint in this matter. The drawings by Federico Bertolucci are simply amazing! The illustrator provides a beautiful contrast between the main story, shown in comic strip format, and the detailed illustrations of the farm animals complimenting the story. The color palettes used are so bright and vibrant that it would surely capture the attention of young ones reading it. Some of my favorite images in this book are of the peacock and the ladybugs. I could keep looking at these pictures over and over again!

Frédéric Brémaud, the author of this book should also be complimented for writing such a fun and educational book. The main characters, Squizzo and Chipper, are a cute pair, and it was fun to see them interact and react to the various animals, as they go for a stroll in the farm in search of milk. What I liked about this story was that the duo decided not to focus on the typical farm animals like cows, pigs, horses and chickens, but also focused on other exotic and wild animals like the peacock and the ram. Another reason that I liked this book was how the author also included a variety of fun facts about each animal at the end of the book, giving something for grownups as well. In addition to all this, I feel that these kind of books would give young readers a good start in reading graphic novels, as the images are drawn in a very contrasting manner that’s pleasing to the eye with big fonts.

It would be very hard for anyone to dislike this book! I would have surely cherished this series had I read them during my childhood. Being a grown adult, I am wanting to pick out all the previous books in the series even now and read though them all! Overall, I enjoyed this book more than I thought I would, and am giving it 5 stars.

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